Skuro Computing

Skuro Computing has been serving the Upper Valley since 1998, when it was founded by
Mike Skuro. Skuro Computing is a computer consulting firm that specializes in small
business and home computer needs through onsite service. Skuro Computing prides itself
on providing state of the art service and assistance, whether you need to learn computer
basics, or troubleshoot an existing system, or need your network revamped or maintained.  
Skuro Computing will also consult and provide purchasing advice customized around your
individual needs for a new computer, accessories, or software. Since we strictly consult
rather than sell, our answers are based on your best interest. Our primary goal is to form
long term relationships thus enabling us to better understand your particular computer
needs and ‘hit the ground running’ when we again work at your office or home.

In addition to our consulting services Skuro Computing provides its clients with access to
several partners that provide a wide range of technical services, such as telecommunication
specialists, electricians, and graphics, and web designers.

At Skuro Computing, we understand how important your computer and internet access
is to you, at home and in your business. We stay abreast of what is going on in the
computer world and the local services so that we can keep you well connected and
well equipped. We sweat the small details so that you won’t have to.

:: JULY 04, 2017
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